The Pet Lodge's Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How do I set up my pet for daycare or boarding?
To get your pet set up as a client at Stoney creek pet lodge, you will need to call the front desk and one of our receptionists will be happy to help you. All dogs must have an Evaluation Day Scheduled prior to setting up regular Daycare or Boarding. Cat clients do not require an evaluation day but still need to be scheduled prior to dropping off for daycare or boarding. All pets are required to have up to date Vaccines and be on a Flea and Tick Prevention Program. Contact information can be found by clicking on the “Contact” tab.
2Can our pets board together?
Here at Stoney Creek Pet Lodge, we understand family values. With that being said, your pets can definitely board together in one of our Canine Suites or Cat Condos. Keep in mind that it is within our policies and safety procedures, if we see pets need to be separated then we reserve the right to do so.
3What can I leave with my pet?
The pet lodge allows owners to leave whatever they would like that they feel would make their pets feel more at home. We do provide a cot, covers/blankets, food & water bowls for every pet. As stated in our contract, as well as on our boarding forms, any items left for your pets are not the responsibility of the pet lodge if they are left behind, destroyed, or damaged here.
4How often does my pet get to play/go outside?
Whether your pet participates in a playgroup or needs to have alone time we make sure that all animals staying with us have an ample amount of time to be out of their rooms. Multiple dog playgroups are rotated throughout the day every 30-45 minutes (weather conditions can make a difference). If your dog does not participate in playgroups, they still get the same amount of time out. We have plenty of staff and space to accommodate every situation. Our Cats have their own separate playroom where they receive individual time rotated throughout the day.
5What do pets do during bad weather?
At Stoney Creek Pet Lodge we know that the weather is unpredictable. We have indoor play areas for dogs as well as covered lots outside for potty breaks. In case of outages, we have access to generators to continue business as usual. For frequent updates refer to our Instagram and Facebook Pages.
6Do we offer Vet care or Rehabilitation Services?
Unfortunately, Stoney Creek Pet Lodge only accommodates Daycare and Boarding needs. Please contact Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital for all Rehabilitation and Veterinary services for your pet(s).