The Pet Lodge's Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1I don’t want surgery for my dog’s orthopedic injury. Can therapy help?
Dogs have been treated successfully using non-surgical management for such injuries as torn or partial tear cruciates and disk injuries. Immediate treatment increases the rate of success. It takes dedication on your part, too! You will need to learn the exercises that will safely help your pet get stronger.
2How often will my dog have to come for therapy?
Frequency and duration of therapy is dependent on the dog and its condition. Many require fewer than six sessions, and we strongly believe in teaching the owners to take responsibility for their own dog’s rehab, if possible. Some pets require more extensive rehab and may come as often as three times per week for several weeks, followed by less frequent visits, depending on progress. Many dogs come for wellness and conditioning one to two times weekly for swimming or manual therapy.
3My dog needs surgery. When should I bring him for therapy?
The start of therapy will be decided by your veterinarian/surgeon. In some circumstances, early electrical stimulation therapy can help prevent muscle atrophy. Sometimes immediate post-operative therapies such as massage, passive range of motion, laser and ice/heat therapy are beneficial. Active therapy typically begins after suture removal, which is about ten days after surgery. Your surgeon will work with us to decide what is best for your dog.
4My dog is afraid of water. Will you be able to get him in a pool/treadmill?
We use positive reinforcement and a lot of TLC to help your dog feel at ease in the water. Owner participation, including bringing favorite toys and treats, will help your dog make the transition to enjoying hydrotherapy. Most dogs begin with some level of trepidation upon entering the confinement of a treadmill, but often learn to enjoy and look forward to treatments.
5How long does a therapy session last?
Therapy lasts until the dog is well or the owner feels satisfied with their dog’s progress and can manage care at home. Initial evaluations typically last approximately 60 minutes. Subsequent sessions usually last about 30 minutes, depending on the plan of care.
6How do I get to the Pet Lodge?
Stoney Creek Pet Lodge & Rehab Center is located just off Interstate 40/85 in Whitsett. We are convenient to the Piedmont Triad region of Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, and the Research Triangle area of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh. Also nearby are restaurants, accommodations, shopping and golf.