Lots O’ Lodge Membership Agreement

  • This Membership Agreement governs the relationship between Stoney Creek Pet Lodge and Rehab Center and the pet Owner whose signature appears below.

    Responsibility for Payment
    1- The owner agrees to pay the $26.00 monthly cost of the membership. Owner agrees to a six-month commitment and will communicate with a written or verbal cancellation request.
    2- The owner understands and agrees that the Owner is solely responsible and must pay for any harm or damages the pet causes while at Stoney Creek Pet Lodge and Rehab Center. This includes any damages to Stoney Creek Pet Lodge, our staff, or other pets at the Lodge.

    Pet Owner’s Representations
    3- The owner represents and warrants the following, and Stoney Creek Pet Lodge relies on these representations: • The pet is current on all required vaccinations while at the Lodge. Owner will provide the Lodge with records of these vaccinations at time of check-in. • The pet is in good health and has not been ill with any communicable condition in past 60 days. • The pet has no records of aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other pets in the past.

    Lodge’s Rights and Responsibilities
    4- The Lodge is not responsible for the condition of other pets at the Lodge. The Owner agrees that the Lodge is not liable for damages relating to communicable conditions that the pet becomes ill with after visiting the Lodge.
    5- The Lodge reserves the right to ask the member to leave if the pet becomes destructive, overly aggressive, or harmful to staff or other pets.
    6- The Lodge is allowed to take photographic images of the Owner’s pet during the pet’s visit at the Lodge. Stoney Creek Pet Lodge is also permitted to using those images for marketing purposes.
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  • By checking the box below, I certify that I have read and understand the above policies of the Lodge set forth in the Membership Policies. I agree to abide by these policies and accept all terms of the Membership Policies.